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Interior Coating Special

Our interior coatings will have your interior looking better than new and provide a layer of protection unlike any dressing out there. These protections last up to 3 years and protect plastics, leather, fabrics, and trim pieces. This special offer includes ANY size vehicle and a Level 1 interior prep detail. You will fall back in love with the interior of your vehicle, and it will be incredibly easy to maintain when we finish. This is a saving of up to $200!!! *excessive conditions that require additional cleaning are subject to detail charges

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5 Year Coating Special

Want a ceramic coating for a steal of a deal? We have a limited quantity of these specials on sale for you to use for yourself or give as a gift! Our ceramics will leave any vehicle looking glossier than the day you purchased it!! Special includes paint enhancement process to make your paint pop and then our 5-year ceramic coating application. This year we are going crazy and including a wheel coating and a windshield coating with the service! We have a limited quantity of these available for sale and once they are gone, they are gone! You won’t see a special like this until Black Friday 2023.

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Exterior/Interior +1 Year Windshield Coating

Exterior Two Bucket wash, remove bugs and grime, tire and wheels cleaned, Tires dressed, 6-month Sealant. Interior Detailed Vacuum, Clean & Protect dash, console, and door panels. Will include our 1 year Windshield Coating Interior does not include stain removal, or excessive conditions. Service can be added on.

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A-1 Annual Maintenance Special

Our annual maintenance program is the best way to keep your ride looking fantastic all the time. With this program you can book up to 12 details in a year. It is our most popular program for maintenance detail and there are LIMITED spots we allow on the program. This Black Friday special includes your initial your Level 2 Detail at no charge to get your vehicle up to maintenance shape. That alone is up to $350 value! This is the biggest Black Friday deal we have. Get them while they last. There is a LIMITED quantity left. *Excessive conditions outside a Level 2 excluded and subject to additional charges. Vehicle will be inspected prior to service

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Why Ceramic Coatings?

There are four main benefits of getting your car coated:

  • Incredible protection for your clear coat from the elements
  • Matchless levels of gloss and shine
  • Super easy routine washing (elements have a hard time sticking to the coating!)
  • Oxidation Prevention

I Have A New Car, Should I Get My Car Ceramic Coated?

Yes, brand new vehicles that just came off the lot will most likely need a light polish to remove light swirls. When cars are brought to a dealership, they'll often run them through an automatic car wash, leaving micro- scratches in the paint. A paint correction takes care of these scratches.

Once the paint is back to perfection, you should get your car ceramic coated to protect the paint of your new vehicle for years to come. So it'll always look like it just came off the showroom floor!

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